Who are we?

We are a Halifax based Japanese dessert cafe offering unique waffles called Taiyaki. At Taiyaki52, every ingredients are carefully chosen using only the best local suppliers in Halifax. Over time, we've expanded our menus to provide novelty foods to our customers. Our main food theme is Taiyaki that is made to serve you for snacks, lunch, brunch and dinner. Our sweet desserts and savoury selections will welcome all customers whether they are looking for a quick grab or looking for a memorable dining experience. 

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About Us

Taiyaki (たい焼き) is a traditional Japanese dessert that resembles Western waffle or pancake. The word "tai" translates to sea bream and "yaki" means baked or grilled. It is claimed to be originated from a small store in Tokyo in 1909. Taiyaki is now widely sold worldwide becoming many people's comforting food that helps to get through a cold, brutal winter. The traditional taiyaki is filled with sweetened red bean (azuki アズキ) paste. Today, taiyaki comes in various batter, flavours and fillings that is catered to everyone's taste.


Pick-up in store is available. 

Please make sure to wear a mask and hand sanitizer by the entrance. 


2009 Brunswick Street, Halifax NS, B3J 2G8

Business Hours

Monday - Sunday

10 am - 7 pm